children supporting each otherGetting Support During Divorce

children supporting each otherDuring divorce and separation, many people feel very lonely and isolated. Here are my tips for getting the right support:

·         Choose carefully who you decide to confide in.

       Having the wrong kind of support can end up being worse than having no support at all. We may discover that the people in our lives vary as to how helpful they are to us in different types of situations. The sister you are close to may turn out to be very opinionated about your separation (which is not helpful), whilst a friend you don’t see very much may turn out to be a fantastic listener (which is great).

·         Whilst getting support from those around you is really important, try to keep your confidantes to a select number of people.

      Our friends and family have the best intentions but you may not always want to hear their opinions and suggestions when you are already feeling very vulnerable. The more people you talk to about the divorce the more you open yourself up for receiving well- meant but possibly unhelpful comments. Choose “Team Sarah/Penny etc.” carefully. For more help and choosing the right support, read my blog Friends, Family And Your Divorce.

·         Many people prefer to confide in professionals like divorce coaches or relationship counsellors where there is no judgement; it’s all about support.

       As your divorce coach and consultant, I am here to provide you with a safe environment, for you to talk in confidence about your situation. I can then guide you to establish the right strategy for helping you to move forward.

Going through divorce and separation is tough. Don’t try and do it alone. Allow people to support you and be confident in stating how that support could be provided, e.g. a listening ear, babysitting the kids for you to go to your yoga class etc.

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