woman jogging with her dogsHow Exercise Can Help You To Cope Better With Your Divorce

657075_91693820When you are feeling stressed or low during your divorce, exercise may be the last thing on your mind, but I promise you it will help you to feel better. It doesn’t have to involve a heavy work-out; walking in the fresh air every day really helps.

Why exercise is so useful during divorce:

  1. It is a great release for pent up frustration and anger
  2. It boosts mood – releasing endorphins which provide the feel good factor
  3. You’ll get fitter and more toned- which will help raise self- esteem
  4. It relaxes the mind – giving you some well-deserved time out from the divorce “stuff”
  5. It helps the body’s different systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system etc.)  work better which in turn helps your body’s ability to deal with stress
  6. If you exercise with others, it is sociable and gets you out of the house
  7. It helps improve sleep


Adapt your type of exercise to fit with your state of mind:

-If you tend to feel out of control – rhythmic exercise such as running, swimming, cycling
-If you want to focus your energy- yoga or pilates
-If you tend to feel angry and aggressive – combat exercise like martial arts or boxing.

However small, make that first move and begin to reap all the great benefits of including regular exercise in your life. It will be a great stress release, which will enable you to feel stronger and more focused to deal with the divorce.

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