Divorce Myths Part 1 – Divorce


There are many myths surrounding the law relating to relationship breakdown and divorce.

It is quite common for me to hear from anxious clients, what they think is the legal position associated with their situation, when it is in fact far from the truth. This can of course work the other way too. Many people rely on what they think is the law, without obtaining professional advice to ensure their assumption is reality.

With the help of a family law specialist solicitor,  we’re going to “bust” some of the most common divorce myths. Over the next few days we are going to cover three main areas; divorce, finances and children:

Today’s topic covers the most common myths associated with divorce itself. Amanda Phillips-Wylds is a family law specialist in Berkshire. She advises on a wide variety of issues associated with relationship breakdown such as; divorce, separation, financial issues on divorce and children matters. Here is Amanda’s advice:


1. Divorce always ends in court battles which leave spouses angry and bitter.

It is very rare for spouses to have to attend court to obtain a divorce. This would only be necessary if one of them objects to the divorce, in which case there has to be a hearing to prove the marriage has irretrievably broken down. It is more common for spouses to have to go to court to settle disputes over finances claims, but this is still a last resort and before they get to this stage they will have had to have tried other options such as mediation.


2. Divorce is always expensive.

Costs can escalate quickly when it comes to resolving financial claims, especially if spouses cannot agree and they have to go court. However they can undertake the divorce proceedings themselves to avoid incurring legal fees here, alternatively many solicitors offer a fixed fee to act in divorce proceedings which will not be disputed.


3. Celebrities are special and so get ‘quickie’ divorces.

The court processes divorce petitions in the order in which they are received. No divorces are singled out to be rushed through.” (You can also see my blog called Can I Get A Quickie Divorce for more information on this).


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