How A Divorce Consultant Can Help With Your Solicitor Meetings

For many people, instructing a divorce solicitor, may be their first experience of working with a solicitor. This could be a daunting prospect and it is important for the client to feel as comfortable and confident as possible with the solicitor they choose to work with.

The solicitor is a crucial member of the divorcing person’s support team during this challenging time in their life. (For information on other members I recommend for your support team, see my blogHow To Create A Support Network For Your Divorce.)

Many of my clients start working with me, before they embark on the legal process. When they are ready to move things forward, I can help them choose the best solicitor for them. I continue to support my clients during the legal process and can give valuable guidance on how to work effectively with their solicitor. This helps both the client and the solicitor to move the legal case forward in a constructive way.

Here are some ways I can support you with your meetings with the solicitor:


Before you meet your solicitor

You may not have worked with a solicitor before and/or may feel nervous about discussing the divorce process. I can help you feel clear about what you want to say at the meeting and what information to take with you. I can also provide tips on how best to manage any difficult feelings which may come up and how to ask questions to ensure you understand everything being discussed. Feeling prepared will help you to feel calmer and more confident about the meeting, putting you in a stronger position for the experience to be more comfortable for you. (For my top tips for preparing for your first meeting, see my blogHow To Approach The First Meeting With Your Divorce Solicitor.)


At the meetings themselves

I can provide moral support and practical help by accompanying you to your solicitor meetings. By taking notes at the meetings, I can also help take away any worry about you not remembering everything that was discussed (the solicitor will also most probably write to you after the meeting to confirm their legal advice). Many of my clients find it useful for me to assist them to communicate what they want to say at the meetings; helping you to avoid forgetting something important to you and ensuring your solicitor has all the relevant information from you. I can also support you in managing your emotions should you find the discussions difficult.


After the meetings

After I have accompanied my client to a meeting with their solicitor, I often arrange to have a “de-brief” with them over a coffee, to review what was discussed at the meeting. This can be really useful, helping you to get clarity about your solicitor’s advice and gather your thoughts about the next steps. It can also flag up any questions you decide you want to ask the solicitor to clarify any points of the solicitor’s advice or request a further explanation on any issues the solicitor raised.


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My help with solicitor meetings can assist both the client and the solicitor:

A client testimonial:

“I was so nervous and Rhiannon came with me to my initial meeting with the solicitor that she had helped me to find. I remember very little about that meeting and so was very relieved that Rhiannon had listened attentively and made notes that we could discuss afterwards. I found the way that Rhiannon can “translate” legal language to be critical in managing communications with my solicitor.” – SC from Surrey

A testimonial from a solicitor:

“I can honestly say there is a world of difference in taking instructions from a client who has had the benefit of Rhiannon’s advice and assistance to a client who has not. I have found that Rhiannon’s clients are far more able to provide a concise and relevant account of their present position and articulate their instructions clearly and confidently. Rhiannon has certainly helped to make my job easier and it is a pleasure to work with her”. – Amanda Phillips-Wyldes, KJSmith Solicitors, Windsor

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