Feeling overwhelmed with your To Do list? Try this simple technique…

Most of us feel a little overwhelmed at times with what seems like an enormous amount of jobs we need to get done in a short space of time. We all know time management is key.

However, this is sometimes easier said than done when stress levels are running high during divorce and everything feels urgent.

Sometimes it’s the amount of items on our list that makes us feel overwhelmed and sometimes it’s the items themselves that make us feel uncomfortable. It is important to identify what it is that is draining you.

Here is a simple technique for dealing with this:

  1. Make a list of what is draining you. The items could include actions you need to take or decisions you need to make.
  2. Take each item in turn and choose one of the 3Ds to deal with it:


Do it!

Just get on with it. Once the task is completed, it will no longer be draining you and you will feel a sense of relief and achievement.


Ditch it!

Sometimes there are things we feel we should be doing but we procrastinate as we do not want to do them. Ask yourself, “Do I need to do this?” If the answer is no, ditch it. Strike it off your list. It is done. If the answer is yes, ask yourself “Do I need to do this today?” Set a realistic goal as to when you really need to action this item. It may be that you can diarise it for next week, therefore decreasing today’s to do list.


Delegate it!

This is my favourite. Sometimes we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves as to what we can physically achieve in a 24hr day and a 7 day week. If you have decided the item on the list needs actioning, the next question to ask yourself is – “Am I the best person to do this?” This is not asking if are you capable of actioning it but rather do you have enough time and would it be easier for you to ask someone else to help with this item?


The key to using the 3Ds technique is not to spend too long deciding which D to allocate to a particular item on your list. Listen to your gut instinct when making your decision. It knows best.


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