How A Divorce Consultant Can Help When You’re Considering Divorce: Read Mrs P’s Story

The majority of my clients come to me at the very early stages of their divorce or separation.

They might be considering whether they want a divorce, or perhaps have reached their decision but don’t feel quite ready to see a solicitor.

I can provide support and guidance, putting my clients in the best position possible to make informed decisions about their future; ensuring they understand their options, putting the right resources and professionals in place for them and supporting them along the way.

Hear Mrs P’s personal story about the work we have done together:

What was going on for you that prompted you to get in touch with Rhiannon in the first place?

“I knew Rhiannon from networking groups, and had always been impressed with her calm and supportive way of doing things. When I needed advice about my relationship, she was the obvious person to talk to.”

What in particular did you want help with when you first started working with Rhiannon?

“I needed some clarity about my rights if the relationship broke up, and some advice on how to handle things. I felt out of control and I wanted to know where I stood and the best way to do things both immediately and for the future.”

What did you find most helpful about working with Rhiannon in the early stages of your separation/divorce?

“Rhiannon is a calming influence, but she’s also very determined and understands exactly what your rights and responsibilities are. That works really well for me, because I need to know the practicalities as well as understanding how to get through things emotionally.”

How has working with Rhiannon helped you during the legal process of your divorce?

“I haven’t got to this stage yet, but when I do, I will be working with Rhiannon to help me make things as straightforward as possible, and with as little conflict as I can manage. I absolutely trust Rhiannon to help me do this.”

What have been any other benefits of working with Rhiannon?

“Rhiannon not only has the essential legal knowledge and understanding; she focuses deeply on looking after yourself during what is a very tough time. Learning to put aside negative feelings and care for yourself is difficult, but Rhiannon emphasises how important it is – and she is right!”

What would you say to someone considering getting a divorce as to how Rhiannon might be able to help them?

“I have already sent people links to Rhiannon’s website for the wonderful helpful blogs and information she produces. I think that for anyone wondering what their next steps should be, Rhiannon offers a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental service that covers everything you need, at a pace that is right for you.”


Mrs P is a lovely lady who very much wants to protect the feelings of her husband and children as much as possible. This is great but she also needs to remember to respect and appreciate her own thoughts, feelings and wishes. Considering a divorce is a big decision and for many decision-makers can be filled with feelings of guilt and responsibility. No one makes the decision lightly. It is also not for anyone else to comment on your situation or tell you what you should be doing. No one is walking in your shoes.


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