How Are You at Adapting to Change?

Are you good with change?

Most of us are not great with adapting to change.

Perhaps for you it depends on the type of change?

If the change was your choice and you are creating change for positive reasons, you may feel okay about it. But it may be different if the change was inflicted on you and isn’t something you want.

Our resilience to change makes a big difference to how we cope with our life experiences. Coping with what we may see as negative change can, of course, be more challenging.

Divorce can involve lots of different types of change – perhaps where you live, your future disposable income, parenting arrangements for the children etc.

Here are my 5 top tips for building resilience to cope with the changes ahead:

  1. Take things step by step. It can seem overwhelming to have so many different changes happening all at once. It is important not to rush big changes.
  2. Create a strong support system to help you through those changes. What friends/professionals might be able to help with each particular change?
  3. Get prepared. Think carefully about the possible changes you will be facing and give yourself time to process them, so you feel more prepared to deal with them.
  4. Seek professional advice to help make sure you have realistic expectations of possible changes you will need to consider.
  5. Think positively. Whilst the changes may not feel immediately positive, focus on the future and creating a new happy life for yourself.


Don’t struggle alone. Get support. It’ll make all the difference to how you cope with these life changes. To find out how I could help you through these life changes, get in touch here – Contact Rhiannon.


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