Recognising When the Difficult Times Are Over…

Have you ever had a time when you’ve stopped and thought –

“Wow, I feel better now”? “I had no idea how unhappy/stressed/low I was feeling until now.”

I hear this quite often from my clients. When we’re in the middle of a difficult situation, particularly if it’s been going on a long time, we may have become a bit numb to the fact that we’re not happy with the situation. It becomes our norm.

For some, they might not even recognise that they’re unhappy as they know no different. It’s been their life for so long that, to them, it’s normal life.

Whilst going through separation and divorce is difficult, many of my clients describe a sense of relief from being released from the unhappiness. This can happen even during the divorce process itself if the couple are already living separately and becoming independent of each other.

But I hear it most often from my clients when they reach the end of the divorce process and begin moving forward with their lives to create their own happy future. Divorce is hard. Fact. No one would choose to be unhappy and people get divorced to give themselves the opportunity to create a new happy future for themselves. There are positives to getting a divorce – independence, freedom of choice etc. Embracing these positives helps divorced people to move forward towards a happy future.

** Please note that I’m not encouraging divorce or saying that getting divorced will automatically create happiness. I just want to show that there are positive reasons people get divorced and you can create a happy future afterwards.


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