Do You Have Trouble Letting Go?

One of my friends told me that she has realised she has a history of hanging on to things she cares about for the good bits, even when they are no longer working.

I think there are lots of us who will be able to relate to this. Letting go is tough.

It can be uncomfortable and often not what we wanted.

We may have wanted things to turn out differently so we cling on or perhaps things have become too familiar and we fear change?

Sometimes being with something/someone feels easier than being without?

BUT letting go of negativity is a positive thing.

It can take a while to realise we need to let go and we may need help to do it and recover from it.


But it’ll be the best thing for us in the end.

It helps us move our life forward.

It is being kind to ourselves.

How are you at letting go?


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