Are You An Over-Thinker?

Are you an over-thinker? I must admit I definitely can be. It’s tiring though, isn’t it? And a small issue becomes bigger and bigger the more we mull it over in our minds and try to think of EVERY possible eventuality. Phew. But does it serve us to be over-thinkers?

When is it okay to stop thinking and thinking about a particular thing? Well, my decision is when I start to go over the same stuff in my mind and know I’m not moving forward with my thought process.

I like that I’m a thinker. I like to process information and make considered choices and decisions.

So, when does the thinking become too much?

I would say it’s probably from a place of fear…

  • Fear of making the wrong decision?
  • Fear of not knowing the answer to something?
  • Fear of not understanding something?


But what can we do about it? Here are my tips:

  1. Recognise when you’re over-thinking and not just thinking. You’ll probably be experiencing symptoms of frustration or anxiety.
  2. Work out why you’re going round and round with your thinking process. What’s keeping you stuck?
  3. Decide how you could help yourself to stop over-thinking. Perhaps you need to ask for help or advice to unanswered questions? Or perhaps you’d like a friend to be a sounding board for your thoughts to get their take on things?


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