How To Approach Valentine’s Day When You’re Single or Going Through Divorce

I’ve never been the greatest fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s a strange concept to choose just one day to celebrate your love for your partner. It’s as if making a fuss of them on 14th February makes up for not showing your love on the other 364 days of the year. I have even heard some even say that it’s a good opportunity to bank some brownie points in your relationship, so it lets them off the hook for..

How To Cope With Christmas When You Feel Your Marriage Is Over

Preparing for the Christmas festivities can be very stressful and can put a strain on the strongest of relationships. If your relationship is already on the rocks, coping with Christmas could seem like a daunting prospect. Are you in this position? Here are my tips on how best to cope with the festive period:

Keep your emotions under control

Do what you can to keep calm, however much your partner starts to annoy you. Avoid using alcohol to mask..

christmas baubleApproaching Christmas When It’s Not Your Turn to Have The Kids

An ongoing challenge for divorced parents is that neither of you get to be with your kids 24/7.

Good parents must always realise that the fact that Mum and Dad are divorced, should not impact the relationship the kids have with each parent.

However, this can still make arrangements for special occasions complicated and stressful.

One of the most traditional types of arrangements for the festive season is for divorced parents to take it in turns to have..

young child opening christmas presentsTips For Christmas For Divorced Parents: Part 2

Christmas is a very busy time of year, particularly for divorced parents. There is lots to think about to help ensure the children have a lovely time.

Here are my top tips for how best to approach the arrangements:

Allow plenty of time for discussions

You will need to reach agreement with your ex about the arrangements, so allow some time for discussions to  take place. Don’t leave it to the last minute and then have to rush..

young girl decorating christmas treeTips For Christmas For Divorced Parents: Part 1

The first Christmas since your separation may seem a distant memory. You may have dragged yourself through it, whilst in the midst of the divorce process, or perhaps still recovering from the shock of the separation. Moving forward though, you will want to think about putting some structure in place for Christmas and arrangements for the children:

Types of Arrangements

There is no set formula for how this should be approached. It comes down to what works best for your..

Tips For Father’s Day for Separated Parents

Mum and Dad are the two most important people in children’s lives. This does not stop when the parents separate. Irrespective of each parent’s personal feelings towards the other, it is imperative that both parents encourage and support the children’s relationship with the other parent. The children did not ask their parents to separate. To them, Mum and Dad are still their family.

Special days such as Father’s Day, are a good opportunity for both parents to..

How to Survive Your First Christmas Post Separation

Bah humbug?! It is called “the C word” amongst some people I know and I don’t think they are alone in acknowledging that Christmas is a stressful time for many people. Many of us drive ourselves insane trying to create the “perfect” Christmas and having the best time ever! Add in to the mix that this will be the first Christmas since you have separated from your partner, and you could be feeling quite overwhelmed. Don’t..