3 Things To Think About If You Are Considering Divorce

If you have come to the sad conclusion that your marriage has come to an end, there are probably lots of questions whizzing around in your mind, e.g. “What happens when…..?”

Whilst there may be lots of unknowns at this stage about what the future will look like now you wish to divorce, I would recommend the starting point be for you to gather your thoughts on 3 important topics:

1. the marriage – are you married and if so do you want the marriage to end?

2. finances – what arrangements do you want to make regarding the family finances when you separate?

3. the children – if you have children, what parenting plan do you want to put in place?

Here is a summary of what you will need to think about….

1. Marriage

If you are unmarried then clearly divorce is not necessary. However, even if you are married, you may not wish to rush in to getting divorced.  It is important to bear in mind that divorce is not the only way a couple can decide to arrange their separation. You could for example, choose to live apart and resolve financial and children matters whilst remaining legally married. There is also the option of “Judicial Separation”. If/when you choose to dissolve the marriage then a divorce application will be made through the court.


2.    Finances

When you decide to separate and/or divorce, an agreement will need to be reached to resolve financial matters between you and your spouse(whether or not you divorce). There are various options available to help resolve financial matters and you can choose which approach is most appropriate for the two of you. For more details about the various options, see my blog How Do I Approach Reaching a Financial Agreement in My Divorce. There are also different ways to formalise any financial agreement reached, depending on how the relationship is brought to an end- e.g. separation or divorce.


 3.    Children

There are two main issues to be addressed in relation to the children of the family:

i. living arrangements

This refers to the living arrangements of the children and how their time will be shared between the two parents.

ii. financial support

An agreement needs to be reached between you and your spouse as to how you will both financially support the children once you are living apart.

For a list of the issues that the parents will need to decide on see my blog Separating Parents: Planning Arrangements for the Children.


This blog provided general information about the important issues a separating couple will need to consider. To find out how I might be able to help you in your particular situation, see my blog How A Divorce Consultant Can Help When You Are Considering Divorce and get in touch here


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