You Will Always Be A Family To Your Children

Relations may still be very strained with your ex after a difficult separation and messy divorce. You still feel very bitter towards them and would prefer not to have to set eyes on them ever again. All of which is totally understandable. However, you have children together. For this reason, like it or not, your ex will always be in your life.

You will be co-parenting your children for the rest of your lives.

This is a very challenging situation..

How To Support Someone Going Through Divorce

Many people going through separation feel confused about what help they need from friends and family, whilst others find it hard to ask for help. It is difficult to see someone you care for going through upset and distress.  You want to fix it for them but you can’t.  Everyone is different but here are my suggestions for providing help to loved ones going through this difficult time in their life.

Divorce Your Spouse- Not Your Children’s Grandparents

I really like this article by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, about the importance of the grandparents’ relationship with your children. “When parents divorce, each member of the family is affected in very unique and personal ways. The age of the child, their gender, their relationship with their siblings, how close they were to each parent and a myriad of other factors all influence the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repercussions in the months and years ahead.