professional woman signing a documentWhy Is Having An Up to Date Will Important?

Do you have a Will? If not, you should look to get one. Or, if you do have a Will, when was it last reviewed and updated?

Why is having a Will important?

Having a valid Will is very important for everyone, to ensure their wishes are carried out after their death in relation to the distribution of their estate.

For those with children, consideration needs to be given to the appointment of “guardians” who would care for the..

photo of Rhiannon FordMy TalkRadio Interview About The Brangelina Divorce

on 21st September 2016 I was interviewed on TalkRadio about the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce.

Angelina made an official announcement on 20th September that she was divorcing Brad Pitt on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences“. But she was also noted as saying it was to do with “different parenting styles”.

I was asked to give my comments on how Brangelina are handling their divorce and how issues regarding children can affect the divorce. Click on the arrow..

How To Tell The Children You Are Getting A Divorce

Once you have decided to get a divorce, there will be many issues you and your partner will need to discuss when it comes to the children(read my blog Separating Parents: Planning Arrangements For The Children for a list of the main issues you will need to consider). The first very important step is to work out how you are going to tell the children Mum and Dad are getting a divorce.

Telling the children about the divorce is..

Two ladies having a meetingHow to Choose Your Divorce Solicitor

No one gets married thinking they will ever have to face a divorce. It is a very challenging time in people’s lives and you may be feeling a bit lost and confused. It is crucial to put a good support team in place to help you navigate your divorce journey.

As well as the support from family and friends you will need to consider hiring some divorce professionals. One of the first members of your professional team should be your..