How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Read Mrs T’s Story

When you are considering divorce it can be difficult to know where to turn.

You may have lots of concerns and questions about what your options are and what you should be thinking about.

You may not feel ready to speak to a solicitor. I work with lots of clients at this stage.

Read Mrs T’s story to find out how I helped her…

What was going on for you that prompted you to get in touch with..

What Are The Differences Between A Court Led and Private FDR?

A divorcing couple has a choice as to how they want to approach reaching a financial settlement in their divorce. Sometimes, however, court proceedings are necessary. Unfortunately, the court system has a bad reputation of being expensive and lengthy. Once in the court process, there can be quite a wait between the court hearings.

For those clients who can afford it, many lawyers are now suggesting their client consider paying for a private FDR hearing(aka Financial Dispute Resolution) rather..