notebook and pen with cup of teaWhy Is Making A Will So Important When You Get Divorced?

This is a guest blog from Tamsyn Ward, an experienced Wills and Probate solicitor. Tamsyn explains here how important it is for people going through divorce to have a Will and also to review your existing Will…

“You would be forgiven for wanting to get away from all things legal once your divorce has finalised, but before you do, thought should be given to making a new Will which reflects your new circumstances.

Here are 7 reasons..

hand counting coinsWhy Having A Financial Plan is Important Post Divorce

This guest blog is from Steve Hennessy, a Chartered Financial Planner with Myers Davidson Ginger Ltd. Steve explains here the benefits of financial planning and how it is important for those having gone through divorce…. “It can be hard not to lose sight of what really matters when life throws up a big challenge. Having a Financial Plan will help you protect your Future Self, and bring shape to your present financial choices.

Divorce – The Eight Phases of Change

This is a guest blog by Tricia Woolfrey, a hypnotherapist, coach and wellness practitioner. Tricia explains here the different phases of change people will experience when going through divorce…

Nobody goes into marriage thinking it will end – well, almost nobody.  And yet for approximately 1 in 3 marriages, that’s exactly what happens.  The result for you can be devastating ranging from low self-esteem, feelings of failure, guilt, shame, anger or bitterness.