What Have the Olympics and Getting Divorced Got in Common?

Okay, so I appreciate that sounds like the start of a very bad joke, but bear with me…

Its hard to believe that it is already 4 years since London hosted the magnificent 2012 Olympics. This year the Games will be held in Rio. The athletes have been training for years for their events, no doubt starting to feel the pressure, putting their bodies under great physical and emotional challenges to reach peak physical fitness. This of course on the..

What to Consider When Moving In With Your Partner

It is very common for couples to live together before (or instead of) getting married. It is important to think with your head as well as your heart before planning to move in with your partner.

Both parties need to be to be smart about their finances. This avoids falling into problems later on if the worst happens and the relationship fails.

Can I Get A Quickie Divorce?

We are constantly bombarded in the press with stories about celebs getting divorced. The general public always seem fascinated with following the highs and lows of the lives of celebrities. Seeing them deal with births, deaths, marriages and divorce makes celebs seem more like “real” people. It reminds us that they too go through the same challenges in life as us “normal” people.