Tips For Divorced Parents For The School Summer Holidays

The school summer holidays are a challenge for even the most successfully run Children Arrangements Schedule.  The smooth running routine for the school term is now all out of the window for the next 6-8weeks.  The summer holidays have probably always felt like a logistical nightmare, but now that you are separated from your children’s other parent, how should you best approach childcare arrangements over the summer?

Tips For Father’s Day for Separated Parents

Mum and Dad are the two most important people in children’s lives. This does not stop when the parents separate. Irrespective of each parent’s personal feelings towards the other, it is imperative that both parents encourage and support the children’s relationship with the other parent. The children did not ask their parents to separate. To them, Mum and Dad are still their family.

Special days such as Father’s Day, are a good opportunity for both parents to..

Separating Parents: Planning Arrangements for the Children

Separating from your partner is difficult enough but along with it comes the logistical challenge of care for the children you have together.

You share responsibility for your children with their other parent. For this to work, you need to reach a workable agreement regarding the arrangements.

Here are 10 things you will need to consider: