group of children walkingDivorce Myths Part 3: Children

Today’s topic for “myth-busting” is around how arrangements for the children are approached during divorce.

The law sets out that careful consideration should be given to the particular circumstances of the case and that all decisions relating to the children must be “what is in the children’s best interests”. This takes priority over the parents’ wants/wishes for the children. The children come first. 

Here is advice on the topic of children, from Amanda Phillips-Wylds, a specialist family law..

Divorce Myths Part 2: Finances

Today’s topic covers the most common myths associated with resolving financial matters in divorce. There are many myths surrounding how money is dealt with.

It also makes a big difference whether you are in fact legally married or whether you are “cohabitees”( together).

Here are  some top tips from family law specialist solicitor, Amanda Phillips-Wylds:


1. Assets are always shared equally on divorce.

The starting point for division of assets is a 50/50 split, this is..

Divorce Myths Part 1 – Divorce

There are many myths surrounding the law relating to relationship breakdown and divorce.

It is quite common for me to hear from anxious clients, what they think is the legal position associated with their situation, when it is in fact far from the truth. This can of course work the other way too. Many people rely on what they think is the law, without obtaining professional advice to ensure their assumption is reality.

With the help of..

calendar marking divorce dayJanuary was “divorce month” but were you ready to get a divorce?

The first working day in January has been named Divorce Day and the month of January, Divorce Month. During this time, many divorce professionals receive an increase in enquiries from new clients, who are considering separation/divorce.

However, often the client is neither emotionally or physically ready to embark on the legal process, when they make their first appointment with a solicitor. That’s where I can help.

Having previously worked as a family law solicitor, I understand the legal process involved..