How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs C’s Story

One of the lovely clients I’m working with at the moment, has agreed to share the personal story of her divorce journey so far and the work we are doing together to help her navigate through this challenging time in her life.

To protect her identity, I am not sharing her photo or using her real name.

One of the things I enjoy about meetings with my clients, is that I sometimes get to meet their dogs. The image..

6 Considerations If You Are Thinking About A Trial Separation

All relationships have their ups and downs and most couples face challenges in their relationship at different points along the way. This is quite normal. How these challenges are faced can make a difference to the future of the relationship and some but not all may be overcome.

For those trying their best to navigate through the difficult times, it can be uncomfortable to face the possibility that your relationship may have run its course and might need to end.


The Benefits of Doing Yoga During Divorce

Taking time to exercise gives you the opportunity of spending some time concentrating on YOU. It gives you the chance to take some well deserved time-out from the “busyness” of your life with all it’s stresses and strains.

You get to spend some important time on self-care which should be part(however big or small) of our daily routine.

Self-care can be approached in lots of different ways and healthy exercise is just one of them. There are also lots of..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help During The Mediation Process

If you have agreed to use the family law mediation process, hopefully you are feeling fairly optimistic that with the help of the family law mediator, you and your spouse will be able to reach an amicable agreement on the financial issues(and perhaps children issues if you are using mediation for children matters).

The mediator will have explained to you both that the only people at the mediation sessions are you, your spouse and the mediator. Neither solicitor will be..

Worried About Going to Court? Here Is How A Divorce Consultant Can Help

Your legal team will have advised you on all the different options available for approaching the resolution of your family finances. (For more information on this, see my blog – How Do I Approach Getting a Financial Agreement in My Divorce).

Whilst many clients are keen to avoid going to court as they worry it will be expensive and stressful, sometimes it is the right decision to issue court proceedings.

This may be for various reasons. For example –


How Working With A Divorce Consultant Can Help: A Client’s Personal Story

One of the lovely clients I worked with a couple of years ago, has very kindly agreed to tell her personal story about her divorce and the work we did together to support her through this challenging time in her life. She has also agreed to provide me with some photos of her gorgeous self to help bring the story alive.

Here is Alyson’s story in her own words….

I had just discovered that my marriage was over…


5 Tips For Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce may feel like a minefield. You may have been with your spouse for many years and so have been out of the “dating game” for quite some time. You may not know where to start with meeting someone new and/or may not yet have quite clear idea of the type of person you are looking to meet.

Here are my top 5 tips for dating after divorce:

1. Decide carefully if you’re ready

Recovering from..

Tips For Parenting Post-Divorce

Divorce affects the whole family.

Like Mum and Dad, the children require time and space to process their feelings about the divorce.

To help your children come to terms with the big changes to their family, parents need to put aside their personal feelings towards each other, and work together to parent the children.


Here are my tips:

Discuss Differences in Parenting Styles

Children need consistency to feel loved and protected. A good routine helps provide stability. Discuss with..

How To Approach The First Meeting With Your Divorce Solicitor

Arranging to meet with your divorce solicitor for the first time can feel daunting. No one wants to find themselves in this situation and the thought of discussing the personal details of the breakdown of your marriage may feel quite uncomfortable.

However, it is crucial to obtain legal advice from a specialist family law solicitor about your situation and options. It will help you to make informed decisions about your next steps and you will have put a solicitor in..

Top Tips For Communicating With Your Ex About The Children

When you separate from your children’s other parent, you will need to conduct the business of raising your children, with someone you would probably rather not talk to. How do you find the strength to always “take the high road”? The answer is to always remember to put your children first and make all decisions in their best interests.

It is important to compartmentalise your emotions; put aside your personal feelings towards your ex and deal with the issue in..