What Is Divorce Like For Teenagers And Adult Children?

Many people presume that it is more difficult for younger children when their parents get divorced. This is not my experience either personally, or professionally. In my opinion, it is much more painful and complicated for older children and young adults.

Younger Children

Younger children tend to be sheltered from the emotional upset of their parents’ separation and hopefully as much as possible are protected from the “fall-out”. Young children are very resilient and if the situation is dealt..

ladies chatting over coffeeHow to Create a Support Network for Your Divorce

The breakdown of a marriage is a very challenging time in anyone’s life. No one gets married thinking they will ever have to face divorce. Many people going through divorce can feel lost and confused. However, there is no need to feel you have to struggle alone. It is a sign of strength, not weakness to recognise you need help and support at this difficult time.


Why You Need A Support Network?

When you are facing a..